What is Mbra Yth ?

Mbra youth stands for (Maroubra Youth)

Why Does MBRA YTH Exist ?

Mbra Youth Exists: To strengthen the lives of young people to explore their faith, understand their purpose and their potential to impact the world in every sphere of life.

Who are we ?

We are a youth group that seeks to set an example of living life in all its fullness.
We are a youth group that is strictly inclusive.
We are a youth group that embraces creativity and celebrates diversity.
We are a youth group that engages critically with the world in which we live for the      purpose to improve the places we live and the people we do life with.
We dream big and unapologetically love bigger.
We are a youth that holistically explores our values purpose and our faith.
We are a youth that seeks to do what we do well and with a sense of excellence.
We are a youth that equips young people to impact their world while encouraging their god given potential.

What Do we Do ?

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